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Documentation Based Care

Documentation Based Care seems revolutionary however it is been practice since the dawn of time, The difference is with technology and big data collectively as a medical community we can do so much more together then we ever could before… alongside technology like telmedicine enables providers to be more accurate, Have more connection with peers, and provide a better outcome for all with reduced expense and overhead helping the entire industry.

In the future we will see surgical consults, routine check ups, every day problematic occurrences as well as medical providers leveraging technology to work remotely providing the highest quality of care, By providing highest qualified person in multiple locations things to big data and telmedicine.

Consumers will not have to travel thousands of miles to find a provider in their specialty with technology the brightest and best will be just an smart phone away.

Medicine has come along way in the last 20 years thanks to technology and the Internet we have already seen great progress using documentation based care for things like chronic back pain, lower back pain relief using the DBC protocol over 150,000 clients have seen documented success providing Data with Scientific backup leveraged on top of technology that we’ll now be able to change peoples lives and this is just one way that telemedicine and the future of medicine will be shaped by technology and data.


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